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About Circle T

We deliver enterprise capability using the  proven power of the Microsoft suite . From the Intranet to collaboration to data protection, Circle T works with organisations to improve  productivity  and drive  organisational intelligence .

Assured Microsoft Partner

At Circle T, we leverage our  close Microsoft partnership  to ensure your digital workplace keeps pace with the latest and best thinking. This, coupled with a  catalogue of products and accelerators  ensure your digital workplace is ‘evergreen’.. We will help you bust through the myths around SharePoint to bring to you the power of the entire Office 365 suite.


Circle T provides  collaborative business  support for your intranet and digital workplace. This includes  design, build, training, content stewardship and improvements . Circle T’s managed service and help desk can assist you to enhance your modern device, Office 365 tenancy, PowerBI instance, Azure services, identities and auxiliary services.

Beyond the Technology

Our approach centres around people as much as technology.  We believe you will reach your business objectives by using technology to support the great design thinking of your people.​Circle T has an experienced team covering UX, graphic design, development, training, change and communications and management consulting.


We deliver the Modern Digital Workplace with our products, accelerators and experience.


The Circle T Intranet forms the centre of the Modern Digital Workplace.​
It is an organisation-wide home for knowledge that brings people, content and tools together to enhance productivity and capture and share organisational intelligence.​
It allows users to connect with the organisation and each other, to find the information and people they need quickly and seamlessly.​
It is responsive, intuitive, powerful and customisable.

Agreement Centre

The Circle T Agreement Centre is a centralised management system for contracts and agreements.  The centre is online and  protected by permissions , so allows you to improve collaboration on  draft agreements  both internally and with 3rd parties and partners.  Tasks, activities and approvals and alerts for review are managed seamlessly.   Manual handling is removed  through secure digital signing.  From a compliance perspective, the centre applies metadata, regulatory policies and retention based on pre-defined agreement types.  Published current agreements can then be viewed by those with owner approval.

Template Centre

Our integrated Template Centre allows people to  find  a reusable template easily from a catalogue, the  save it directly  to a location to  start work  on it immediately.  Content is automatically tagged then discoverable via search.  Easily accessing templates removes the temptation to download them locally  and be out of date with brand refreshes.  Working on them directly in a shared space  reinforces the importance of collaboration  and removes the inefficiency of different versions being sent as attachments.   Streamlined document management provides a continuously improving repository of templates for the organisation in a centralised, shared location. 

Policy Centre

The Policy Centre in fact includes Policies, Procedures, Standards, Guidelines and any other controlled documents relevant to your organisation.  The centre allows you to  create, store and manage controlled documents  in a structured yet flexible environment.  Key features include: request for employee to ‘acknowledge’ certain policies; ability for employees to give feedback on documents for continuous improvement; tagging, versioning and C level approvals to  adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements ; search and refiner based interface to find policies and related documents easily; and the ability to dynamically show related policies on intranet pages

Form and Report Centres

At Circle T, we so often see difficulties in presenting and managing forms and reports across organisations. Our Form and Report Centres provide a centralised location for the  cataloguing  these types of content including  giving them context , using or interacting with them, and monitoring their use.   Forms may be defined between links to  eforms  in other online locations, or PDF or word forms which have not yet been digitised.  Reports may include SAP reports, PowerBI reports or simple excel files.

Smart Search

Increasingly, in modern web and digital usage, people do not expect to browse for content. Powerful search which learns from user behaviour should put the right content at our fingertips.  Search needs to find the right content in a sometimes unstructured and untagged data set. ​Circle T’s Smart Search results build on the foundations of SharePoint search, the Office Graph and Delve to provide a ground-breaking search experience.

Productivity Platform Automation

Control and streamline your digital workplace by  automating common tasks  and activities.  This strikes the right balance of transparent  governance , simple requests by end users, and  minimising admin activities .  Circle T automation options include: r equest  and provisioning of Microsoft Teams and Groups;  request and provisioning of Project Sites; onboarding users; syncing user profile properties; scheduled reporting.

Cognitive Services

Circle T is at the cutting edge, combining AI with intelligence from your people.  We utilise Azure cognitive services such as BOT Framework, LUIS and Q and A maker to  combine AI, human intelligence and corporate knowledge  from across your Digital Workplace.

Project Online Accelerator

The organisations we partner with are increasingly project based, and rely daily on 3 rd  party sharing and interactions.  Circle T’s Project Online Accelerator includes templates and processes that draws on our breadth of knowledge across the entire Office 365 stack. We not only  streamline the deployment and configuration  of Project Online, but we give consideration to data protection, management and security. This includes  3rd party sharing models , PowerBI reporting, utilisation of Microsoft Teams as a entry point and integration with the wider digital workplace.


Our sustained focus on the digital workplace and the Microsoft stack has allowed us to develop reusable, readymade and proven tools and ways of working that benefit of our clients. When matched with our bespoke development, consulting expertise and the partnering approach we take with our clients, this is a winning combination.

Microsoft Productivity Managed Services

Our  partners  trust us an rely on us  well beyond the projects  we implement with them.  They see Circle T as providing experience well beyond anything they can provide in-house and  unmatched expertise .  To support them ongoing, we provide an end to end Office 365 Productivity Managed Service. This ranges from an  evergreen  intranet, content creation and management through to information protection, Office 365 administration and strategic executive support.

Information architecture and data protection

At Circle T, we l ook  beyond the traditional and lead with  data protection by default . Our partners are protected by finely-tuned solutions that leverage best of breed technologies, and carefully consider elements of risk, audit, legal and compliance in the design and planning.

Project Online Engineering

We have a deep skill set, best practice knowledge and proven approached in Project Online. At Circle T, we leverage our Project Online accelerator to deliver a  tailored configuration  to align to your business processes and drive engagement within the organisation.  This enables advanced collaboration with 3 rd  parties, resource management or pre-built project schedules.

Bespoke Development

Circle T is proud to be the home of a team of highly skilled engineers and developers.  Our people are dedicated to Office 365 development.  We build bespoke solutions efficiently by  leveraging our accelerator frameworks  and  listening to specific needs  and problems across organisations.  These solutions span from workflow through to Digital web development.

Office 365 Industrialisation

Office 365 default features and configuration are not appropriate for many organisations and sectors.  We at Circle T recommend you analyse and harden your environment with an accelerator to match  your desired risk posture .  We will assist you to: ensure you comply with industry  regulatory standards ; activate the Office 365 features in a methodical fashion relevant to your needs and; continuously review and improve your compliance posture.  


Most implementations of Office 365 include migration of content from previous versions of SharePoint. Using Circle T’s migration centre, we will assist you to manage a schedule of migration activities. This may be from SharePoint site collections down to individual documents with flexibility to include file shares and bespoke collections.  We provide a smooth, controlled and cost effective migration experience by  automating the migration  activities, providing change communications and support and  redirecting conten appropriately.

We take a great amount of pride in our work and are very focused on ensuring that we integrate with our clients. In this way, we are working as one team throughout the project. Circle T is headquartered in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney. We've worked across Australia and around the globe. Circle T has a blue ribbon list of satisfied clients, both large and small.


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